About us

About us

CML IT is an IT company specialized in web design, web and mobile apps, optimizing website performance, graphics. The team includes specialists in applied informatics, servers, computer networks and management or invoicing software.

More than 90% of clients choose to keep working with us after the completion of their initial projects. We work and we are committed to offer and receive loyalty. We invest time, energy and resources in our team to always be informed about the latest technologies. We invest in people, whether they are our clients or members of the CML IT team.
CML IT is comprised of a young team that is passionate about information technology, whose primary goal is the transformation of your business and ensuring its success. We take your needs, ideas and wishes for your company and transform them into software concepts and solutions that can satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Throughout the years we have worked with many companies in Romania, the United States and Western Europe, thus developing a sizeable client portfolio that helped us gain better insight into various markets. This capacity to understand and adapt, along with the experience acquired by continuously pursuing our personal studies in this field is what recommends us. We are always up to date with the market and IT trends.

We stand out by means of:

The emphasis we put on the team, not just individuals.

 We strongly believe that tight-knit teams lead to better results – even when their members are spread around the world. An emphasis on the inner dynamics of the team is mandatory for efficient projects.

Or priority is our clients’ success

Our business strategy is quite straightforward – if our client is successful, then so are we. This is precisely why we focus on making sure our projects with you achieve the best possible results.

Committed to provide for efficient projects

The success of delivered projects is the only metric that truly matters to us.

Passion for excellence

We are passionately committed to give value to each of our projects and to become ever better at our jobs. We are determined to grow and punch above our weight in order to achieve excellent performances.

Reputation, honesty and professionalism

Money can’t buy a good reputation, therefore we work hard to keep our good name. We do not undertake more projects than we can handle, because we want to treat each client and each partnership with respect and professionalism. This translates into high quality work, timely delivery and innovative solutions.

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